Benefits of Clean Solar Panels


Increases Efficiency


Helps maintain your warranty


prevents damage from cleaning it yourself

Solar panels are an investment into green and renewable energy. They are a brilliant energy option that gives you a return on investment- many times creating more energy than you are using, therefore putting money back into your pocket. That being said, your panels are also an investment worth protecting! Solar panels collect a plethora of dirt and debris, including leaves, bird droppings and dust that creates build up which isn’t cleaned by rain water. The film that can form on your panels over time could be reducing the output of your panels anywhere from 5% to a whopping 30%!

Furthermore, this build up could even damage your panels- or nullify the warranty. Many solar panel manufacturers have professional panel cleaning as a condition of your warranty and may require proof of regular maintenance. This could result in costly repairs or even replacement of panels that have suffered from buildup of filth.

Damage that can occur includes cracks and scratches, as well as parts and mountings coming loose, or even problems with the electrical wiring of the panels. This damage can be caused also, by your own manual cleaning. It is important to remember if you attempt to clean the panels yourself- that the systems are wired to an electrical inverter and that you are putting yourself at risk of personal injury just by being on your roof. Certain cleaners can also be damaging to the panels themselves. Overall, it is best to leave this type of service to the professionals.





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Solar Panel Bird Deterrent

Solar panel bird deterrents are designed to prevent pigeons as well as other birds from nesting under your solar panels, which provide an ideal environment for them to escape predators and stay out of the hot sun. Since panels sit up off your roof this can make removing them very difficult. The most ideal way is to place the bird deterrents either when the panels are first installed, or before the pest problem occurs. The bird deterrents consist of a special mesh that is attached with clips that do not cause damage to the panels. This prevents the birds from nesting beneath the solar panels, causing damage to wiring systems, and creating a mass of droppings and filth which could all result in costly repairs or replacement of parts or panels.